Pacific Pipe & Pump Marine Plumbing Services

We Are Here To Serve You

Now in our 20th year, Pacific Pipe & Pump has been serving the the Marine Industry since 1994. We are experts in the design and delivery of Geberit Pipe systems. Whether it is a complete system design or servicing an existing system our expertise in design and installation, watermaker services, heat exchanger service, or coating and repairs will meet whatever needs that you might have.

Why Are We The Best?

Our Mission
Provide Advanced Plumbing Solutions and Superior customer service in order to solve any marine plumbing or piping need you might have .
Our Philosophy
To provide the best system designs and solutions while ensuring the best possible customer care.
Our Promise
Have the products and services that you need to design and implement the best possible solution for your marine plumbing or piping need.


Pipe System Layout, Design and Installation

Whether it is Pressfit or welded solution, Pacific Pipe & Pump has almost 20 years of experience working with Geberit products to design and install a piping solution that will meet you needs.


Watermaker Services

Pacific Pipe & Pump has extensive experience in the Reverse Osmosis world.   As a distributor for Aqua-Chem we provide a full range of reverse osmosis systems for offshore oil, gas and drilling customers. Aqua-Chem systems have provided potable water for more than 20 years and are in service around the world.  PPP also offers Installation services, Troubleshooting of ANY RO unit and we now offer membrane cleaning and preservation service.


Heat Exchanger Services, Coatings and Repair

Whether you need your shell and tube heatexchanger retubed, plates cleaned and re-gasketed, pumps rebuilt or eroded parts repaired, PPP can help.  Please contact us for further information and quotes.